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From my earliest school days to the quiet moments on the phone yesterday, I've found myself inexplicably drawn to doodling spirals. Their mesmerizing forms seem to emerge effortlessly from my pen, weaving their way into my life's canvas. It's almost as if they've been silently guiding me towards a destined path. 

​Today, as a jewellery Designer and Maker, I've embraced these spirals as a part of my creative identity. Whether I'm crafting a piece with the captivating Shiva stone, a natural masterpiece embodying the essence of spirals, or meticulously shaping sterling silver into my own unique spiral designs, I've discovered that these spirals hold a universal meaning that resonates with my very core. 

Each jewellery creation becomes a testament to the journey I've undertaken, from school scribbles to the artist I've become. These spirals represent growth, transformation, and the natural harmony that weaves through the tapestry of life. They are my muse, my guide, and my connection to the stories that every piece of jewellery tells. 


Join me on this artistic odyssey, where spirals aren't just shapes; they are the language of my designs, speaking to the soul, and infusing each piece with a profound sense of meaning. Welcome to a world where universal symbols meet the artistry of jewellery-making.

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