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Paul & Lorraine

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In the heart of Cornwall, Paul and his sister Lorraine share the responsibility of tending to their family's cherished farm, a place where the rolling fields and historical outbuildings echo with generations of memories. As Lorraine's milestone birthday drew near, Paul was determined to gift her something deeply meaningful, a token of their shared history and a reflection of her personal passion for Open Water Swimming in the nearby Cove. Above all, it was a gesture of profound love and respect for his sister on this special occasion. 


Paul entrusted me with a precious relic - an aged Cornish Copper pipe from one of the farm's oldest outbuildings. With this material, I embarked on a creative journey to merge the essence of their family heritage with Lorraine's beloved connection to the sea. 


From my collection of Seaglass, a gem found along the very shore where Lorraine often immersed herself in open waters, I carefully selected a piece. While Seaglass typically retains its natural form, this particular fragment, almost perfectly heart-shaped, inspired me to refine it further. I enshrined it in Sterling Silver, transforming it into a symbol of love and sentiment. 


From the copper pipe, I delicately crafted two vital components. The first was a heart-shaped backplate for the ring, a tribute to the profound bonds of family and land. The second, a 2mm thick band, was twisted elegantly around the Sterling Silver, culminating in the setting for the Seaglass gem. Through a meticulous process of soldering and texturing, I brought these elements together, creating a unique ring that encapsulated the essence of their shared history and Lorraine's passion for the sea. 


When Lorraine received this heartfelt gift, she was moved beyond words. The ring embodied not only memories of their family and the land they cherished but also the exhilarating sensation of swimming in the vast ocean. Most importantly, it encapsulated the unbreakable bond between brother and sister, forging an emotional connection that transcends the ordinary. Truly, a gift unlike any other, embodying the love, history, and individuality that make it an heirloom to treasure for generations to come.  

(Photo & video album shared) 


If you have a special someone in mind, share their story with me! What's the narrative you'd like to weave into a piece of jewellery just for them? Do you possess heirloom pottery or cherished glass with a history? Perhaps there's a beloved piece of glass that's been broken but retained due to your deep affection for it. Or maybe you hold onto old silver that once belonged to a dear person. These elements are more than just materials; they carry energy, history, and memories. They're a treasure trove of emotions and love. Any of these precious items has the potential to be transformed into a unique, upcycled piece of jewellery, creating a wearable story infused with significance. 

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