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Lifelong Bond

The Tale of Little Bea and the Broken Vase

Little Bea, the youngest of three sisters, now 56 years old, had always been a cherished presence in her family. The sudden loss of their beloved father during the challenging times of Covid sent tremors through their lives, but the greatest blow came just six months later when they bid farewell to their mother. It was a heart-wrenching journey that shook them to their core. 


Amidst the grief, the three sisters found themselves faced with the task of sifting through their parents' belongings. What seemed like a simple matter—the fate of their mother's cherished vase—quickly escalated into heated arguments. The vase held a special place in their mother's heart, and each sister had their own sentimental attachment to it. 


After passionate debates and heartfelt discussions, it was Little Bea who ultimately prevailed, earning the right to keep the vase. However, fate had other plans in store. Six months later, as if guided by a cruel twist of destiny, the vase slipped from Little Bea's grasp, shattering into countless fragments. Devastated, she dreaded sharing the news with her older sisters, fully aware of how much the vase meant to them all. 


In her moment of despair, Little Bea sought solace from her dearest friend, who offered a glimmer of hope. Her friend knew of someone with a unique talent—a skilled artisan who transformed broken pottery and glass into exquisite jewellery, breathing new life into shattered memories. 


With newfound determination, Little Bea embarked on a heartfelt mission. She decided that the only way to face her sisters and share the unfortunate news was with a peace offering in hand. Together with the artisan, they transformed the shattered remnants of the beloved vase into three matching necklaces. These delicate keepsakes were designed to be worn close to their hearts, serving as a tangible reminder of their unbreakable bond and the enduring love they shared as sisters. 


This story of loss, resilience, and the mending of shattered memories through artistry serves as a testament to the enduring strength of family and the power of transformation in the face of adversity. 


(Note – Indeed, the ability to fuse the glass, even if not into its original vase form, was a stroke of luck and craftsmanship. Fused glass artistry can create beautiful and unique pieces with the shattered remnants. 


It's important to note that not all glass can undergo this transformative process, and for specific details, one can refer to the "Fused Glass Page." However, even when complete fusion isn't possible, the skilled hands behind the process can often shape the broken pieces into new and captivating forms. 


A word of caution is essential when handling these broken glass shards, particularly if they need to be mailed. Fragile and sharp edges should be handled with care to ensure safety throughout the creative journey) 


While I enjoy showcasing my work through images and videos, I want to emphasize that your privacy and trust are of utmost importance to me. Rest assured that any personal details you choose to share with me are handled securely. If you prefer, I can also ensure that no details or only specific ones are ever disclosed, as per your request.

I am also happy to sign NDA – Louise – Owner Silverwaters 

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