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In a coastal town nestled by the sea in Cornwall, there lived a remarkable woman named Eve. She was not only a skilled jewelry maker but also a beacon of strength and resilience. Eve's life had taken a difficult turn as she found herself trapped in an abusive relationship for nearly five long years. The fear of leaving, the uncertainty of having nowhere to go with her two small children, and the constant financial struggle had pushed her to the brink. Sadly, her story was all too common, but it held within it the potential for a remarkable transformation. 


In the depths of her despair, something incredible happened. The dormant warrior within Eve began to stir. It was a subtle awakening, not immediately apparent, but a powerful force nonetheless. With a profound realization that she deserved better, she mustered the courage to take the bravest step of her life – she decided to leave that toxic relationship behind. What followed was the start of a challenging and often traumatic journey, but Eve was determined to work through it, one day at a time. 


As a friend who admired Eve's strength and resilience, you wanted to do something special for her, something that would serve as a constant reminder of the warrior she had become. So, you decided to create a unique ring, a piece of jewelry that would encapsulate her newfound strength and empower her even further. This ring was not just any piece of jewelry; it was a symbol of her courage and resilience. 


You poured your heart and soul into crafting this ring, infusing it with all the positive intentions and love that Eve needed. You believed in the power of pure energy and how it could be harnessed and channelled into the creation of bespoke jewelry. This wasn't just about making a beautiful piece; it was about capturing the essence of Eve's transformation, a testament to the incredible strength that resides within us all, waiting for the right moment to awaken. 


In the end, the ring became a magical talisman, a constant companion for Eve on her journey to healing and empowerment. It served as a reminder of the warrior within, a source of inspiration during the toughest of times. And just like Eve's journey, the jewellery you created proved that even in the darkest moments, there is a spark of light waiting to shine, and that love and intention can be woven into every facet of life, including the most exquisite pieces of jewellery. 


Eve has allowed me to share the most beautiful letter she sent me. 

“Darling Louise, I am in love with my beautiful ring you made me. I don't know how, but all the things you told me about the strength of the sea glass, what it represents and how you genuinely invest energy with intentions for me, has empowered me greatly. I wear it and it feels like armour. I do feel more confident and value myself more. I will treasure it forever. It feels like an ancient lost treasure. Thank you for all the love you've shown me” 

(Name changed and ring image private)  


While I enjoy showcasing my work through images and videos, I want to emphasize that your privacy and trust are of utmost importance to me. Rest assured that any personal details you choose to share with me are handled securely. If you prefer, I can also ensure that no details or only specific ones are ever disclosed, as per your request. I am also happy to sign NDA 

– Louise – Owner Silverwaters 

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